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Humdinger Equipment manufactures and designs Earth Moving and Agricultural equipment.
We also offer custom design, contract manufacturing and steel fabrication services. In addition, Humdinger Equipment is the North American Tana representative.

Earth Moving Equipment:

With over 74 years of combined experience in engineering, manufacturing, and sales of elevating and pull scrapers, Humdinger Equipment, LTD, is proud to introduce the H620 heavy duty construction grade pull scraper. Our tractor towed pull scrapers have been proven to reduce costs and increase efficiency over traditional self-propelled scraper or truck and excavator earth moving equipment systems; proving themselves in a variety of construction, mining and agricultural applications. At Humdinger, our construction grade pull scraper was developed using state-of-the-art engineering and manufacturing – we ensure that quality, value and performance are built into every machine.

Agricultural Equipment:

Humdinger Equipment Ltd manufactures a Chain Disc Harrow for agricultural applications.
The 455 Chain Disc Harrow is designed to provide the farming industry with the life and quality of construction grade equipment at a price of farm implement. We ensure that quality, value and performance are built into every machine.

Waste Management & Recycling Equipment:

Tana North America represents the highest standards in equipment available. Our landfill compactors and waste shredders are unmatched in productivity, durability and serviceability.
was started with one thing in mind – “From Waste to Value”®

At Tana-NA, when most people see garbage, we see raw material; ripe for recycling and reprocessing. Our Shark Shredder is the most versatile available. At slow speeds, it is able to process what most shredders avoid. With proprietary technology, the shark works all day everyday to recycle waste and reward the owner.

Our Tana landfill compactor has no equal. Designed exclusively for landfill compaction, the TANA series of landfill compactors will outperform any other compactor available and – we guarantee it.

Contract Manufacturing, Custom Design & Engineering:

Our 60,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Lubbock, Texas, provides a fully comprehensive and flexible service from where we can undertake both manufacturing contracts to customers own drawings and specifications together with our own full turnkey manufacture, shop assembly and testing work. Our expertise has been relied upon to deliver a diverse range of contract manufacturing projects. With a large and well-equipped manufacturing facility coupled with a skill base encompassing materials preparation, steel fabrication, machining, welding, fitting & assembly, and surface treatment - we can offer a ’one stop shop’ for all your custom manufacturing needs, whether that is a one off requirement or a large value contract.
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